A farewell to Succoth and a hello to Autumn leaves

As we say farewell to Succoth, so the leaves will start to come down in abundance from the trees. Perhaps that’s why the Americans call it ‘Fall’?

The ground gets slippery and the dangers start increasing as the weather gets worse and incidents of the elderly falling rise. Maybe another reason to call it  ‘Fall’!

Then we contemplate the onset of damp, cooler weather and the prospect of a cold winter, which along with the desire to keep our elderly relatives warm, well cared for and fed is another reason why we at Jewish Choice don’t dare fall down on the job we’re generously entrusted with.

When the elderly are on their own, there is a temptation for things to let slip. That breakfast, that pill, that drink, can all go by the wayside, in their effort to do less and/or expend less energy. In actuality, it takes a far stronger mindset and the will to be so focused on just one task and so take a greater proportion of their energy.

At Jewish Choice we fill the gap, either on a full time residential basis or for interim respite care. 

It’s a reassuring, respectful and responsive environment with an employed care team who get go know our residents and vice versa, so they can be proactive too, should they see signs arise of any deteriorating situation.

When in the autumn of their lives our relatives deserve the space and support to enjoy old age not endure it.

Leaves falling remind us to cherish our elders while they are around, and here we serve them with all the care, compassion and appreciation for what they have contributed to our lives.

To find out more about the uniquely warm and unwavering care we provide at Jewish Choice and to arrange a viewing call 0202 8908 4151 or email info@jewishchoice.org