We receive amazing testimonials from our relatives and families, most of which are very heartfelt. A couple of examples are below, but there are many more on our Facebook page.


“I visited Mum over the weekend. Kim was one of your team on duty. He was encouraging all residents to join him singing. It could be a Hebrew song or a well known old song, which he knew the residents would know. Their response was remarkable, as many of them joined in and I was also encouraged to sing along!

Kim showed how passionate he is about his work and he seems to get great satisfaction from his job. He is a credit to your organisation.”

– AB, relative


“I didn’t want to lose my independence by going in to a home. I was sure residential care wasn’t for me, but I had nothing to worry about and am very happy”
– JS, resident


“Our staff stay with us for many years, some over ten, which is uncommon in our field of work. They help create the wonderful atmosphere always found here”
– Paula Peake, Head of Home


“When I had a fall at home and lost my confidence, I decided to come here to live. I’m so glad I did. The food is fantastic and I laugh every day”
– HG, resident

“I feel privileged to be here. People generally do not want to
end up in a care home, but if they have to be, they would want
to be here”
– JC, resident