Our Board

As an independently run organisation – with full charitable status – we’re efficient and responsive, which enables us to remain competitive in our fees and to provide excellent value. Residents and relatives have direct access to the senior management team, who are based on site and can therefore act quickly.

Many board members have in fact, had loved ones stay in the home, so they have first hand experience of JewishChoice and what it means to be part of the community here.

Bernard Mocatta

Hon Board Chairman and Trustee

A solicitor whose family (and Bernard himself) have a long standing relationship with our Elderly Care service.  Indeed the Mocatta family has been a driving force in shaping our campus with development and leadership that have taken us from our original home in the East End of London to our present JewishChoice Campus in Wembley.  Bernard leads our board and provides pro-bono legal support.

Sabah Zubaida

Hon Board Treasurer and Trustee

With a background in corporate finance as Chief Operating Officer of an international bank, Sabah takes charge of all our budgeting and financial controls. Under his leadership we make sure that we remain financially sound so that we can keep our fee tariff at the lowest practical level whilst providing the best service to our users.  It’s thanks to Sabah’s careful husbandry of our resources that we continue to thrive.

Viviane Ettinghausen

Hon. Board Member and Trustee

A school teacher by profession Viviane has been deeply involved in supporting our activities since JewishChoice first moved to Wembley.  She helped raise the original funding for creating the buildings of the present campus, including the on-site S&P Synagogue and continues to play a major role setting out and monitoring the quality of service that we deliver in Choice House, our residential care home.

Lesley Temple

Hon. Board Member and Trustee

A retired schoolteacher Lesley holds responsibility for quality monitoring and reporting  for Choice Court – our independent living facility.  Lesley also organises and provides cultural activities in the Choice Friendship club where she leads and delivers poetry and prose reading sessions to stimulate and feed the minds of our service users.  Lesley also leads our marketing team advertising and promoting just how great is the JewishChoice Campus.

Gina Riese

Hon. Board Member and Trustee

Qualified Solicitor Gina first became a Trustee 3 years ago. Married with two children Gina worked as a special needs teaching assistant and a TV games show Adjudicator, so new challenges are not unusual for her.  Gina’s personal experience in looking after the care of her Father ignited her concern for how our society treats its most vulnerable and she considers it a privilege to be able to have a greater impact on this by proactively supporting JewishChoice.

Paul Greek

Hon. Board Member and Trustee

A retired Chartered Insurance Broker and a Justice of the Peace. Paul also served as a Magistrate for 28 years, and previously as a local Councillor and he is involved in various community organisations. His involvement with Jewish Choice began when his late mother moved into now Choice Court and was very happy there for 18 years. During her latter years she also benefitted from additional services provided by Choice House, so Paul was able to see the advantage of the campus style of retirement accommodation, and this of JewishChoice in particular.