Celebrate a milestone birthday or anniversary by gifting to Jewish Choice

Are you celebrating a milestone birthday or anniversary in 2020?

If you are celebrating a birthday or anniversary in the coming year, you can make your celebrations extra special and all the more meaningful by inviting your friends and family to donate to Jewish Choice instead of a traditional present.

By dedicating your birthday, wedding anniversary, or another special occasion to Jewish Choice you can mark that milestone in your life with monetary gifts to our charity and enable us to continue the good work we’ve been doing for close to 300 years.

If you have or have had a loved one staying with us, or are just in awe of the extraordinary care provided by our extraordinary people, asking your guests to give a gift to Jewish Choice is a chance to ‘give back’. 

We are an independent charity, so every gift we gain gives us the means to offer older people in the Jewish community a better cushion for old age with the residential care they need, so you’ll not be the only person to smile on your special day.

Here’s some sample invitation working for your guidance…

‘I will be reaching a milestone birthday – my 60th – this year and it will mean a great deal to me to celebrate it in a way that will be meaningful as well as helpful to a charity that is very close to my heart.’

For more information on providing gifts to Jewish Choice contact us today on 020 8908 4151