Bouncing back from holiday to Jewish Choice

Jewish elderly residential care London

Today I returned to my other family at Jewish Choice, following a summer holiday with my own family and of course I was eager to catch-up with residents and care teams alike. A lot can happen over a couple of weeks in an elderly care residence, but as they say the sun shines on the righteous and all was well.

So hoping the sun continues to shine for at least another week, I caught-up with  Roger, our Registered Manager, hearing of arrangements for our summer BBQ next Sunday for residents and relatives.

On route to my office I was greeted by the truly dynamic duo of Choice House residents Ivor and Phyllis, accompanied by effervescent carer Marva. Pleasantries were exchanged and Speedy Gonzales, as Phyllis calls herself and Ivor, with a most definitely turbo changed engine, made their way across the forecourt to attend our twice weekly Friendship Club.

Phyllis can move with some speed with that Zimmer frame and Ivor literally runs.

I needed to jog on too, but not before I said “Hi” to Rachel, warden of our independent living apartments and had a chat with Choice Court residents Steve  and Jeff, bemoaning Tottenham’s dismal performance at the weekend, how ‘Duty Free’ is now not duty free anymore and purloined some milk from the fridge in the kitchenette off the communal lounge and got back to my desk.

It wasn’t long before I was called in by Carolyn our Activities Manager to come and take a few photos of  Friendship Club attendees who had just read a poignant poem, with discussion led by Lesley Temple.

I was then back at my desk to talk to the Jewish Chronicle about our ongoing activity.

Phew! A morning where I really did bounce around.