Fill our communal lounge with fun

When one gets to an age where you have time on your hands, there is an argument for saying that you have to keep mind, body and soul active and that’s what we aim to do here at Jewish Choice.

Quite regularly I join residents of our independent living apartments, who meet daily for coffee in their comfortable communal lounge. We put the world to rights; life, football, shopping and more and we regularly chat about their interests and what they’ve been up to.

Today we talked about how we might come together for things other than a coffee and a chat. 

In discussing what activities might whet their appetite and be more than of passing interest to get involved as a group, a few obstacles came to light which we are sure are not uncommon with people who are relatively well, but are in the autumn of their lives.

The discussion that followed was as totally engaging as it was enlightening. 

Particularly, notable were views from those who previously took part in activities or hobbies at a high level and doubting whether they could rekindle their interest. Surprisingly, they took a contrary view to what was expected.

There emerged three schools of thought:

  1. where it would frustrate them that they would be playing with others who might not be as strong in that particular pursuit and their patience would be tested.
  1. where they would be frustrated that they were not as good as they once were or their memories of how to play as well as they had in the past might fail them and they’d become upset.


  1. that they would feel rejuvenated and would welcome the reboot in energy and interest to get mind, body and soul active again.

We’d like to hear your ideas to fill our lounge with fun. Your views as to what school of thought you might fall into and how you feel about group activities for older folk in an independent living setting?

The best of these will be invited round for a cup of coffee and a chat with some very engaging residents!!