Enhancing Jewish Choice's already high quality care with effective information instantly

Jewish Choice introduces latest in electronic care plan technology yet retains its unique personal touch


Jewish Choice care team training on the innovative mobile care monitoring system

Enhancing Jewish Choice’s high quality care with information available instantly

Jewish Choice may be some 300 years old but that doesn’t prevent it from keeping up with the latest initiatives in the care sector.

Jewish Choice is rolling-out the latest innovative care planning and monitoring system for its elderly residents yet staying absolutely true to its core values of attentive and approachable care in its unique home-from-home environment.

With no agency staff employed on the Jewish Choice care team, they already know residents well, their needs, their wishes and their relatives’ desire to be reassured regularly. Now, their renowned responsiveness is enhanced.

Via handheld devices, the software allows Jewish Choice carers to record care on the go, rather than at the end of their shift, enabling them to spend more time caring for the people Jewish Choice supports so well.

Jewish Choice already provides some of the highest quality of elderly care in the sector. Now that is strengthened further with the facility to instantly and easily record interaction, interventions, personal care and observations, to quickly note differences and be even more proactive, day by day, week by week and beyond.