Jewish Choice - Reaching Peaks in Elderly Care

Jewish Choice – Reaching Peaks in Elderly Care

Coconut Pyramids are a firm favourite at Passover. They remind us of the Israelites’ exodus from Egypt, but here at Jewish Choice they also remind us of the firm foundations families are built on.

For nigh on 300 years our family has been quietly and conscientiously building its reputation and respect for our caring of the elderly across the Jewish community. Today, all on one site we have residential, respite, independent living apartments, a friendship club and a synagogue.

Jewish Choice resident June Harris  – 4 generations of her family

We like to think of our residents and their families, as our extended family and we of theirs. With an open-door to relatives, Jewish Choice is always a hive of activity, especially at this time of year.

Right now, we’re going through a deep clean. From our common areas, to each and every room, as we do each year pre-Pesach and overnight our kitchens will undergo a thorough steam clean, as we remove all chametz from our home.

What we never sweep away, however, is the endearing home-from-home environment that sees recommendations passed through families and communities throughout North West London and Hertfordshire to consistently bring new residents to us.

You are invited to visit Jewish Choice, to see the work we do, the compassionate care we provide, the reassurance and respect given to loved ones and the inspiration that comes from the professionalism and dedication of our carers, none of whom are agency personnel. Our care staff are employed directly by Jewish Choice and so they get to know our residents and residents get to know them, as do relatives. And tellingly, they outstay the industry norm, often with many years’ service.

As one relative put it, “The Jewish Choice carers have got to know Mum and us. They remember our names, ask questions and care about the answers. In short, we leave feeling heard and valued.”

So just like our chef, who’ll be preparing very many Coconut Pyramids during Passover, we pretty much reach a peak when it comes to elderly care for our resident Jewish Choice family!

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