JewishChoice helping our elderly to eat well again

As we sweep away the matzah crumbs from Pesach here at Jewish Choice, we’re still never far away from the subject of food!

And it’s a measure of our good work, how we help the elderly of our community to eat well. 

At JewishChoice we take away the reasons for not eating.

When in their own home elderly people can too easily become lethargic and might not be bothered to buy sufficient food and/or bothered to prepare it. The effort, the sense of “What’s the point of doing it just for myself?”, plus if dementia is beginning to rear its head, the thought process required to get food on the table is a routine that often goes by the wayside.

We re-establish that routine, with food served regularly and often, tea trolleys doing the rounds, plus drinks and finger food in-between meals. In short, choice at every level. Even at our regular meal times, in our dining room.

This routine enables people to thrive in our caring and compassionate home-from-home setting and to stave-off any dive in their wellbeing. This regularity is also vital for those with dementia, irrespective of their verbal or cognitive ability, as it can take a while before the feeling of hunger sets in.

To find out more about how we help our residents to find a reason for eating well again, you’re invited to visit JewishChoice.

And if your elderly relative would like a taster, you can register them for some respite care. Many do and regularly come back for more!

Call our Welcome Team today on 020 8908 4151