Lighting up lives of Jewish Choice residents at Chanukah and throughout the year

While your relative may not remember lighting the Shabbat candles last Friday, what they’ll most likely remember is the lighting of candles at Chanukah throughout their lives and a rousing chorus of at least the first verse of Maotzur!

Just as Chanukah is a family time in many a Jewish home, so it is here at Choice House. 

We’re privileged to be considered a part of our residents’ families and do not set ourselves apart from their family unit. Quite the opposite. At Chanukah we invite the families of residents to join them on the first night for our annual Chanukah party. 

Chanukah evokes so many feelings for our residents.

Taking part in activities such as lighting the menorah, spinning the dreidel, singing songs and eating Chanukah foods, such as donuts and latkes, bring the the smells, sounds and flavours of yesteryear to the fore and for someone with dementia it can evoke marvellous memories from previous years.

With the traditional activities bringing back many memories, the games played engaging the mind and the food tasted heightening all the senses, Chanukah is another inspiring time at Jewish Choice.

To become a part of our family at Jewish Choice you can donate here or if you or your relative is ready to become a resident, call today to arrange a viewing on 020 8908 4151