Hairdressing at Jewish Choice - so much more than hair care

Hairdressing at Jewish Choice. So much more than hair care.

Every week our hairdresser visits our residents and makes them feel good about themselves.

In common with many a hairdresser, she talks about all manner of things. Sometimes our residents will engage, on other occasions they will just listen. Some think they’ve come into our salon area to do a day’s work, others seem as if they have a train to catch, as they hurry our coiffure along…”Hurry up, I’ve got the greens on!”, and so on.

Quite often, when their hair is being washed, to some the water is indistinguishable from rain and then a conversation will ensue about how bad the rain has been this year, even if we’ve been experiencing a bit of a heatwave!

Whatever the conditions, residents experience so much more than hair conditioning.

Whether it’s a short back and sides for our gentlemen or a perm for our ladies, or simply a trim, it’s about tea, it’s about engagement, it’s about company, it’s about warmth and close contact, but most importantly it’s about maintaining a pattern of life they would have been used to when previously in their own homes.

We bridge the gap between our residents’ lives and lifestyles prior to the need for support becoming evident. At Jewish Choice, it’s about enjoying life not enduring life.

For your relatives to experience life at Jewish Choice our welcome team would be delighted to invite you to visit. Contact us today on 020 8908 4151 or e-mail to make arrangements.