Closing the gap between the elderly’s lives now and their lifestyles prior to the need for support becoming evident, is a core tenet of residential care.

As the age of those entering care is increasing, with medical provision enabling them to stay in their own home for longer, it is vital to get the transition right at the point at which they enter care.

Our culture has become more age-segregated in the UK. Fewer younger people live with elderly relatives, so the emphasis on communication and interaction is a welcome fillip for the elderly when they are making their move to residential care.

At Jewish Choice, we find that greater interaction and inclusion can inspire the individual to do more, the families to be more reassured and the carers to become more responsible for their charges. And that means going above and beyond care plans.

It also means that with a more personal touch we can go the extra mile and where possible improve health, mobility and cognition.

It’s perhaps our determination to do so and to always do the right thing for your relative, why we have one of the lowest staff turnovers in the elderly care sector.

With such consistency, our carers have the knowledge of each individual resident’s likes and dislikes, the experience to anticipate a need and the skills to fulfil that need. It is a caring, compassionate and communicative environment that stimulates mind, body and soul.

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