Proactive & pragmatic care planning at Jewish Choice in all circumstances

Never has our mantra of care, compassion and communication been more evident at Jewish Choice than from last Wednesday.

On that day we suspended all visits from relatives, as well as non-essential visitors to the home, as a means to avoid coronavirus taking a foothold here.

There’s an abundance of advice out there as to how to deal with the fallout from coronavirus and yet it’s in its early stages.

Jewish Choice is in the business of risk management daily. So it could be argued we are best placed to manage the current situation. Yet navigating coronavirus for an elderly care home is fraught with risk for residents, care team, domestic staff and management alike.

So we are steering a strategic yet pragmatic course. Proactively planning for the worst case scenario, garnering all facets of the extensive experience we have within our care and management teams, on every level and seeking hands-on support as and when it’s required from our vocal advocates in the community as we turn our fan base into active volunteers on site – You are very welcome to get in touch and join them by emailing

Of course, the extraordinary care we provide for our residents is always at the top of our list and we maintain the very highest levels, whatever circumstances daily life throws at us. The compassion of our long-time employed care team is well known and other providers always seem a little bit non-plussed how we maintain such a high degree of loyalty from care personnel year after year.

It’s all rooted in the family atmosphere here, where we pull out all the stops to maintain that sense of being a part of residents’ families and not apart from them.

With anxiety levels rising around the world, we are not immune from these and neither are the relatives of our residents. 

Understanding the risks and empathising with relatives, who will naturally be prone to worry is crucial. We listen to the relatives, reassure them and consider carefully whether anything else can be added in to the mix that we are not doing already that safeguards their loved ones and keeps their anxiety on an even keel.

While we can’t totally stop relatives worrying, we can lighten the load that sometimes weighs heavily on their minds.

And we go further.

By demonstrating the compassion with which we take decisions and adopting total transparency in such decisions, we sustain a relationship with the relatives of our residents that extends their family to us, as we reach out to them by communicating well, regularly and ensuring that the communication is two-way.

It’s only in this way that anxiety can be tempered, complacency avoided and the risk of relatives being overwhelmed by guilt mitigated.

To hear more about the extraordinary care from our extraordinary people at Jewish Choice call 020 8908 4151 or email