We never make a drama out of a crisis

As our annual barbecue was in full swing on Sunday, never has there been a better example displayed of JEWISH CHOICE ELDERLY CARE CAMPUSthe cool, calm professionalism of our extraordinary care team, while at the same time ensuring all who attended enjoyed the food, the company, the entertainment and some sunshine!

One of our residents enjoyed the food a little too much and was taken ill. Not to worry, she is on the mend now, but it’s an inspiring tale of knowing that your loved ones are in the best of hands when you make the Choice yours!

At the crucial moment, the ethos of the 3Rs of Jewish Choice kicked-in – Responsive, Reassuring and Respectful.

Our care team responded speedily, the resident and her relatives were reassured, an ambulance was called and two paramedic cars were here within 10 minutes, followed shortly by the ambulance itself.

Dialogue was key with both the relatives and with paramedics. Knowing our residents and their families very well indeed ensures we are able to communicate all that is necessary, for our residents to continue to receive the best of care in the hands of medics, that the family are not left in the dark as we act as a very willing and able conduit at such times and so all will know that they have been heard and their opinions valued, as our expertise and experience comes into play.

Dignity is never an after thought at Jewish Choice, the respect that we proffer our residents at all times is measurable in the response we get from them and the feedback we get from their families. We most certainly think of ourselves as being invited to be a part of your family not apart from it when your loved ones come to live with us.

With close to 300 years of care experience of anticipating a need, the expertise to fulfil that need, together with the willingness to do so with empathy and never making a drama out of a crisis, Jewish Choice has long been the preferred choice across the community.

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