Moving advice

It’s never easy moving home, however we will do our best to make it as pleasant as possible.

You will have your own bedroom and can choose to bring some furniture with you, such as a favourite armchair or bedside table; even a favourite bed cover. And of course you will be encouraged to bring photographs and pictures from home to make your room as familiar as possible.

We can work with you regarding the colours in your room and all the rooms have a TV Ariel socket. There is a phone point available if you want to connect your own telephone service. There is wifi connection in the building for you to use, especially to Skype relatives who are further away and a dedicated resident computer for your use.

You will be provided with fresh bed linen and towels regularly and your room will be cleaned at least once a day. You will be shown how to summon help from our many friendly staff who will respond to the push of a button in your room.

We encourage residents to take part in our many and varied activities and outings and we may even plan an event around your particular interests once we get to know you better.

You will need to bring your clothes, including night clothes and outdoor clothes, as well as toiletries.