How we continue to engage and encourage residents during ‘The Three Weeks’…

Music relaxes and stimulates and in a care home setting it is even more relevant to the wellbeing of elderly residents.

So how during ‘The 3 Weeks’, when we abstain from music, do we continue to relax and stimulate in equal measure, as we remember the destruction of the Temple and other tragedies which have befallen Jews over the centuries.

While some may see this as a period for mourning and introspection, it can also be seen as a time for hope. (Perhaps akin to many messages that are placed in the cracks of the wall today.)

So, at Jewish Choice we’ll not desist from joy or cease to inspire our residents, as we continue with those activities in our repertoire that engage, encourage and elicit the response we desire, just without the accompaniment of music at this period of time.

Flexibility and the willingness to adapt to every resident’s need is paramount in an elderly care setting throughout the year. So we’re well used to tailoring our programme. After all, we’ve had to do so as well during the coronavirus pandemic. We consistently find different and varied avenues for communication and engagement. We’ll unlock memories or create new ones, bringing to the fore those activities that best boost confidence, self-esteem and quality of life.

Importantly, we aim to reach every person in Choice House, ensuring there’s always valuable interaction, a sense of inclusiveness for all and as much involvement as they are able to undertake or choose to bring to the party.

To find out more about life at Jewish Choice contact us now on 020 8908 4151. We’re open for care and conducting safe and protective admissions for new residents right now.