When the mind is losing control over what matters it’s time to contact Jewish Choice…

With the continuing uncertainty of coronavirus and its repercussions, we are all unnerved by its perceived or indeed real impact. For those with dementia – at whatever stage the disease has progressed to – they are likely to be particularly anxious. 

When a loved one begins to show signs of diminishing cognitive functions, family members may not understand the behaviours that accompany dementia. If this causes tremendous stress for relatives, imagine how the individual concerned feels.

Add to that anxiety, the frustration felt when the mind won’t cooperate, as well as the embarrassment of increasing occasions of being misunderstood and in performing physical functions.

Dementia, of course, can’t be defined by one sign or symptom. The person with dementia may have trouble remembering, reasoning, or thinking. They may become more emotional than before or show signs of depression or anger. At one extreme they may feel they are losing control of their daily lives, at the other end perhaps losing their composure more often.

Whatever the symptom, caring for someone with dementia can be challenging for everyone. And it can be even more demanding in the setting of your family home. At Jewish Choice we offer full time residential care from an experienced team of long-term employed carers who will engage, encourage and provide the indispensable empathy to motivate the resident to continue to have a fulfilling life.

Contact us today or call 020 8908 4151 to arrange a no-obligation assessment and discover that Choice is a real option for the elderly in the Community coming to terms with dementia.