Why we’ve had the right needle?…

I haven’t heard this expression for many years, but it strikes me it’s the most apposite phrase right now to describe our angst over recent weeks. While trying to be positive we can’t help but all be irked by the continual stop-go approach to life right now.

One moment the train seems to be building-up a head of steam and the next we’ve stalled in the station’s sidings.

But it’s a platform we all need, so we can get on-board and move on. And at this point in time, and particularly vital for the charity, that platform is of course the vaccine.

After a period of frustrating conversations, Zoom meetings and lobbying to local MPs to make representations in Parliament, it seems that at last today we are to embark on our journey to recovery at Jewish Choice. 

Despite our protestations and with great support from our relatives, until yesterday there was either ‘radio silence’ or the goal posts kept moving. So we have been kept on tenterhooks, despite our best efforts.

In the meantime, we have been pulling-out all the stops to continue to keep residents safe with daily Rapid Flow Tests for everyone who needs to enter the building, plus residents and staff continuing to be tested weekly with the PCR Test.

This afternoon represents a significant shift for us.  It is planned that 20 of us will be vaccinated, with the remaining personnel and all residents vaccinated on-site on Thursday.

So, as the week draws to a close, we’ll instead be very pleased to say that we have had the right needle!