Cup of Elijah

An open door for Elijah and anyone else here at Jewish Choice…

Cup of ElijahAt Passover it is tradition we open the door and pour a cup of wine to welcome the prophet Elijah into our home, who is said to appear in times of trouble to bring promise of relief, to lift downcast spirits and plant hope in hearts. And at the seder there is a spare seat, as our expression of humanity, so at the very least no-one should be alone.

If this Pesach has highlighted the fact that your elderly relative should not be alone and would benefit from bespoke care in a Jewish home-from-home residential setting, Jewish Choice is open for business and accepting new residents.

Naturally, we’ll undertake our usual full assessment of your loved one’s circumstances, their health and wellbeing and they will also need to have had a test for coronavirus prior to our inviting them to come and live here. And so with our heightened level of protection for our residents and ourselves, we’ll welcome them with open arms. 

The current turnaround for a coronavirus test result is approximately 3 days, so new residents will enter Choice House in our isolation area and just to be overly cautious will remain there for up to 7 days, yet will still benefit from the close care and attention for which Jewish Choice is renowned and which relatives trust us implicitly for. At that time, provided the test is negative, and no symptoms are evident, we will start to integrate them into the home. If the test proves positive, they will stay in this area longer as we will treat your relatives with antibiotics, etc.

For more details phone us on 020 8908 4151.

At Jewish Choice we always maintain a level of calm with extraordinary care from our extraordinary people. All our current residents appear well and are without symptoms. You could say that our cup runneth over!

To arrange an assessment of your relative’s needs contact us today [email protected] 

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