Jewish Choice carers get to know you and you them

Familiarity breeds content 

when you have Choice…

Once again Jewish Choice is open for admissions to the elderly of the Jewish community.

All our residents are well, benefiting from the extraordinary care from our extraordinary people, the heightened protection we provide, plus the exceptional support of our relatives & friends.

But how will you know that Jewish Choice is right for you?

Good care homes want you to feel at home from the get go. While it will inevitably take some time to adjust to your move, there are at least a triumvirate of people who can make a difference to your care and wellbeing.

There’s the team at your chosen care home, your close relatives and importantly, YOU.

Key to remember is that most carers are drawn to the profession because they are good people and want to look after others. So you can be reassured that managers and carers in the care home of your choice have your best interests at heart.

And choice is at the heart of what all good care homes offer. For example, at Jewish Choice we are focused on your personal preferences, to give you as much choice as possible. Regularly we’ll ask your opinion.

Our personnel learn about residents’ lives and become familiar with their likes, dislikes and needs. Of course, each care plan will explain how we’ll meet your needs and this will be regularly reviewed to reflect changes. Yet, it is also the qualitative nature of our work, how we demonstrate our care and compassion and how we communicate with our residents, which go a long way to ensure that those who make their home with us are engaged and inspired to live as full a life as possible.

So, our focus is on you.

We want you to feel at home quickly. We’ll help you get used to the building and introduce you to carers and members of the team. You might not remember names at first, but faces will become familiar.

Which means your focus can be placed on all the good things about life in a care home: The fact that there’s company when you want it and privacy when you don’t – for example, at Jewish Choice you’ll have regular activities to participate in if you wish. You’ll not have to worry about chores you find difficult and if you fall ill or have an accident, someone familiar will be around to help.

The experience and expertise of our staff mean they’ll soon know how best they can help you.

And if you set small goals for yourself, to keep as physically and mentally active as possible, our team will do their utmost in helping you achieve these.

Crucially, you should feel safe and well looked after.

There will likely be less space in your room than you are used to, so it’s best to take with you the personal items that are most important. These will make you feel more at home sooner.

And your relatives can play a big part in helping you settle quickly too.

They can take a photo of how ornaments or pictures were displayed in your family home and aim to replicate these before you arrive. So things will be set-out in a way that is familiar.

They might also put together a ‘memory board’ of photos of occasions and people important and familiar to you.

Finally, it is important that you have as much privacy, independence and choice as you wish. This is as much about the care home you choose, as well as the team in place. At Jewish Choice many of our team have been here many years and this will benefit you in settling-in to our familiar home-from-home setting and in bringing you many years of content to come.

So, whether you are looking for a new place to call home, or are a relative seeking residential care for a loved one, contact Jewish Choice today on 020 8950 4151 and we’ll arrange the earliest possible date for an assessment.